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FOCS Tresurer Report and Accounts

Friends of Coleham School (FOCS) PTA

Treasurer Report for the Year Ended 5th October 2016


The total Income raised from fundraising for the year totalled £8,202.72. We ran four main events throughout the year, Plants and Craft fair (spring), Summer fair, Christmas fair and two discos which generate the majority of this income.


The total Expenditure for the year was £7,681.38. This relates to three main areas, £2,591.55 was running expenses for all events held, £417.18 was general committee expenses and most importantly £4,673 was spent on school purchases.

Funds spent on School

Friends of Coleham have spent £4,673 to purchase items that will positively impact the children’s learning and school experiences. The Committee has focussed £1,751 on Theatre and workshops to inspire and motivate children to engage in their learning and provide activities that the budget is unable to support. £2,402.85 has been spent on playground equipment.

Bank Balance

At Year End the bank and cash balances total £8,003.22. FOCS is committed to spending the money raised at events in a timely manner to benefit the current pupils, and does not wish to accumulate surpluses unless saving for a specific project. FOCS have committed £5000.00 to outdoor classroom. This leaves a reasonable buffer to run the main events next year.

Event Profit Margins 17/18

Plant & Craft fair 831.30 103.82 727.48
Summer fair 1,880.82 400.02 1,480.80
Christmas fair 2,383.78 552.13 1,831.65
Disco 1,396.52 538.68 857.84

Event Profit Margins 16/17

Plant & Craft fair £1127.00 £203.36 £923.64
Summer fair £2353.26 £1645.29 £707.97
Christmas fair £1279.36 £362.01 £917.35
Disco £1312.18 £701.90 £610.28

The four main events have made £4,897.77 profit in comparison to 2014/15, £3,159.24. The main reason for this is the committee focussed the events on simple ideas that the children would like and reduced the expenses by using as many parent donations as possible and using resources in school and local contacts to provide activities for free (Wildlife Trust/Belle Vue Arts/Greyhound Rescue/School Ukeleli group/Footlights Dance School)


2015/16 Round Up

The Committee has focussed on doing the main events really well and not holding any additional fundraising activities.  Focs aim for these events to be focussed on childrens activities and suitable for the whole family to enjoy with a friendly relaxed vibe, avoiding any commercial feel.  We have aimed to provide low cost activities / competitions for the children and engaged with local community groups to provide entertainment / workshops / displays free of charge. 

Friends of Coleham School PTA Income & Expenditure Account 

For the year ended 5th October 2016

Balance B/fwd        
Current Account   £7,717.57    
Gold Deposit Account   £2.93    
Cash Account     £1.96    
Summer Fair     £1,880.82    
Christmas Fair   £2,383.78    
Plant & Craft Fair   £831.30    
Discos     £1,396.52    
Bag & cap sales   £362.20    
Daffodil Sales   £50.00    
Cristmas Cards   £1,294.25    
Interest     £3.85    
Fundraising Expenses        
Summer Fair         £400.02
Christmas Fair       £552.13
Plant & Craft Fair       £103.82
Discos         £538.68
Cristmas Cards       £975.90
Fashion Show       £21.00
FOCS Funds Used for School      
Multi-Cultural Week       £1,000
Horrible Histories Trip       £341.00
EYFS Christmas Party       £59.94
Rhald Dahl Performance       £410.00
Star Wars Books       £49.90
Playground Equipment       £349.85
Space Balloon       £195.62
Year 6 Leaver Gifts       £93.34
Year 6 Leavers Party       £120
Playground Stage       £2,053
Other FOCS Expenses        
Photocopying Charges       £200.00
PTA Subscription       £112.00
Advertising Banner       £65.40
Refreshments Parents Forum     £18.78
Auditor Gift         £15.00
Key Cut         £6.00
TOTAL EXPENSES       £7,681.38
Balance C/fwd        
Current Account       8000.29
Gold Deposit Account       2.93
Cash Account         0.58
Floats in hand       240
      £15,925.18   £15,925.18