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Coleham School Councils

The School Council is a vital part of our school.  At Coleham we have are proud to have pupil representatives that take part in School Council meetings, which ensure that pupils have a voice and are involved in decisions about the school that affect them.  Our School Council consists of a team of extremely active, dedicated and well organised children. The members of the council take their roles very seriously and, as a result of their hard work, have orchestrated and coordinated positive changes within the school.   Children vote for other children in their class from a range of nominees and a single representative from each class is duly elected in a fair and democratic way.  The School council has an agreed Chairperson and the meetings are led by Mr Larkham.

School issues are discussed first in-class, led by their elected councillor, and then the class’ views are discussed further at School Council in a democratic manner.  This ensures that as many pupil voices as possible are heard.  Pupils at Coleham know that this is their school and their thoughts and ideas matter

Recent decisions from the School Council concerned matters from naming the Houses, new play equipment designs, school meals and forming the Eco Council and Sports Council.  Their thoughts are also gathered to inform things like school policies.


In addition to the School Council, there is also the Sports Council and the Eco Council that runs in a similar manner.  Find out more about these below.

Sports Council

Here at Coleham we feel that sport is very important. Being active and healthy play a huge part in our day to day life. The sports council is therefore crucial in the development of sport in our school. The sports council provide a link between the PE Coordinator, sports coach and the rest of the school. They can feedback ideas, help to sort out clubs, playground activities and really be the voice of sport across the school. The sports council have and will continue to help us receive the Gold kite mark with Platinum in our sights there is an exciting year of sport ahead at Coleham Primary School.

Eco Council

Here at Coleham, we have been hugely heartened by the visible passion our pupils have shown towards caring for our environment.  Our Eco Council consists of a team of determined, focussed and dedicated children from across the year groups.



The members will regularly consult the whole school to ensure all queries relating to the environment and our school are raised and addressed within our objectives.

Meetings will be led by Mrs Howson, however the children are very much at the forefront of running the council, be it taking the minutes, planning a full school audit of our plastic use or planning our next objectives on our path to helping Coleham Primary School gain its ‘Green School” accreditation.

We will look to gain support and advice from local charities and achieve a better understanding of how we can reduce our environmental impact for the future of all our pupils.

If any parents feel that they have contacts with suitable ‘eco’ schemes, or indeed work within any charities or companies, please do not hesitate to contact the school as we welcome the support and ideas of volunteers to help with our pledge!