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Life At School


Our curriculum meets the requirements of the National Curriculum (2014).  However, much effort has been put into personalising our curriculum so that it meets the needs of the children here at Coleham. 

Our overarching whole school value is creativity.  This value was chosen by the School Council because they saw the importance of the creativity at Coleham.  It is the golden thread running through all subjects and through our whole school, embracing pupil's unique talents and strengths.

Our creative curriculum motivates, challenges and excites all of the pupils at our school.  Children are active learners, who engage in teamwork and problem solving to develop their knowledge and skills.  Where possible, we ensure that contexts for learning are tailored to our rich local area and we use our own grounds, thus capturing the interests of our children and allowing children to learn about themselves and the wider world through investigation, research and enquiry.  Our school is very fortunate to be located in a town centre setting with the Quarry Park and rich historical landmarks on our doorstep.  Classes take the opportunity to regularly visit the local vicinity, which brings the curriculum to life for many children.  Our Conservation Area and grounds are used widely because outdoor learning is important to us here at Coleham; many children thrive from the opportunities that the outdoors can bring when compared to a traditional classroom setting.

 Much effort is made to create meaningful links between subjects (e.g. writing and history), to ensure that excellent progress is made in all subjects and that all children are motivated and excited by their learning. A huge focus is placed upon ensuring that all children develop the necessary co-operation skills and are able to listen to and respect the ideas and viewpoints of others.  Challenge is present in all lessons and our children are taught that mistakes are good because we learn from them.  Our rich curriculum, which includes the chance for all children to learn at least 2 instruments and compete in competitive sporting competitions with our PE teacher, is successfully creating lifelong learners, who leave us equipped with the necessary skills for the next stage of their education.

Our aim, therefore, is to deliver our whole school creative curriculum in a cross curricular way. Within each theme of work, maximum opportunity is taken to integrate cross-curricular links, with literacy and numeracy at the core.

Our creative curriculum has 4 'drivers', which are constantly considered when deciding how and what we teach.

1: Lifelong learning and skills (maths, literacy, debating, computing)

2: Community and environment (science, forest schools, geography/history)

3: Healthy lifestyles (PE, PSHE, SRE and RE)

4: Creativity (music, drama, DT and art) 

Curriculum Maps

Please click the following link to view our curriculum maps, which will give you a clear picture of what topics your children will be studying over the year and how the subjects interlink.

You can read more about our approach to teaching the various subjects within the curriculum on our subject pages. Please find the links to each subject on the left: